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नमस्ते, यादव चन्द्र विष्टको व्यक्तिगत वेवसाइटमा तपाईंलाई हृदय देखि नै हार्दिक स्वागत छ ।

Shadow Education

Shadow education

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      Thanks to the failure of our schools, coaching centres have become a thriving business. Many good teachers from reputed schools left their jobs and opened such tutoring outlets which are much more profitable than being a school teacher with a limited income. With students in multiple batches throughout the day, the average income of a tutor is at least 1 lakh per month. For a science teacher, it can be as much as 2.5 lakh, I am told. But parents don’t mind paying extra for private tuition even after paying high tuition fees for schools since the extra lessons pay off.
      So, what is shadow education
      Supplemental, privately-funded academic lessons outside of school.
      Like a shadow, it parallels features of public schooling such as curricula, mastery of core subjects, examinations and grades.
      global phenomenon that occurs in all nations with national levels of participation ranging between 10 to over 80 percent
      Japan is highly institutionalized
      with 80 percent of students involved, and more than 60 percent participating more than twice a week.
      What is shadow education?
      Supplementary private tutoring
      Shadow education does not include non-academic lessons such as music, the arts or athletics.
      Shadow education takes many forms. It can be
      as informal as a senior student teaching a junior student or
      a teacher tutoring a student or group of students; or, - both small group or large group
      Inside school and outside the school – coaching class
      it can be something more formalized and complex such as organized learning centers.
      Possible exam question
      Why shadow education is growing only in school education? Do you think shadow education is necessary? Give your argument.
      Issues example
      Difference in teaching techniques in mainstream class and tuition class
      What are the strategies of teachers in teaching main class and tuition class?
      What kinds of learning opportunities and resources teachers provide in main class and tuition class?

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